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Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle tell CPAC 'the Republican party is the party...


Donald Trump Jr and Kimberly Guilfoyle previewed Donald Trump's return to the political stage when the duo addressed CPAC on Friday, declaring the president to be the future of the Republican Party. 

'The Republican Party is being reborn thanks to President Trump,' Guilfoyle declared. 'It is being reborn as a party of the working class of minorities, of hard working American men and women, the party of America First, the party of President Trump.'

The former president makes his first post-White House appearance when he addresses the annual conservative gathering on Sunday. He is expected to solidify his hold on the GOP while slamming Joe Biden, his successor in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump Jr., his oldest son, told the crowd: 'I'm looking forward to Sunday. I imagine it will not be what we call a low energy speech.'

He added that his father's remarks would 'solidify Donald Trump and the MAGA movement as the future of the Republican Party.'