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Was the V-Gasm Good for You?

•, By Kent Heckenlively, JD

This is how our teacher's union is getting it done. Apparently, there's a "code" that teachers in my district can get, then they can make an appointment at the Oakland Coliseum for their drive-by injection.

Remember, these are California public school teachers, the kind of people that if Donald Trump was lying in the middle of the street, they'd push the pedal to the metal of their Prius in order to run him over, then back up, rinse and repeat.

Now, do my fellow teachers worry about "equity," or is it simply just a mad dash by a bunch of panicked twenty and thirty-somethings who were never going to come down with any complications if they got COVID? You know the answer.

That's why I've coined this new expression, "the v-gasm."

It's like your traditional orgasm and also involves a prick entering your body, but it's not the pleasurable kind. And yet, it is the sacred sacrament of the church of science.

And yet, they're all now scheduled to get their shot this week and experience the inevitable "v-gasm," which comes when you believe that you've been saved as if the Big Pharma gods are Jesus Christ, Himself.