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"Spot's Rampage" Event Awakens Us With Reality Of Dystopian World Ahead

• Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

A company called MSCHF has been responsible for the most absurd viral stunts and products throughout the internet. Their products range from a squeaking rubber chicken bong for smoking weed to Nike sneakers filled with Holy Water to a YouTube channel dedicated to a man eating mayonnaise. 

MSCHF's latest stunt debuts Wednesday, Feb. 24, beginning at 1300 ET. The company allegedly bought a Boston Dynamics Spot robot and mounted a paintball gun to it. 

Tomorrow's live stream event will allow attendees, randomly selected, to control the dystopic robot for two minutes. Those selected will be able to shoot a ".68cal paintball gun" mounted to Spot and aim at anything in an unknown "art gallery" for two minutes.