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Pranksters show how horrifying Boston Dynamics' police robot dog is by

• Daily Dot

A Spot robot with a paintball gun attached

The internet will get a chance to remotely control one of Boston Dynamics' $75,000 "Spot" robots this week thanks to a mysterious startup company. Not only that, the robot will even come equipped with a paintball gun for added mayhem.

The campaign, dubbed "Spot's Rampage," is the brainchild of MSCHF, a New York-based company know for its outrageous publicity stunts and product drops.

MSCHF has repeatedly made headlines for offering up bizarre one-of-a-kind items including holy water-filled sneakers and toaster-shaped bathbombs. No two campaigns from the company are ever alike, and its latest effort may be the most over-the-top to date.

On Wednesday at 1pm ET, MSCHF will unleash Spot inside a small art gallery at its headquarters in Brooklyn. Users who visit the campaign's website will get a chance to commandeer Spot for two minutes before another user somewhere in the world takes over.