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A Report from "2021 Germany…"

•, By Karma Singh

So, now the level of "infection rate necessary" to end the Merkel dictatorship has, once again, been "adjusted" to keep Merkel in Absolute Power. Now it is 0,035% (35 per 100.000 people).

Legally, however, an epidemic can be called only when infection has reached a minimum of one per cent. This is little more than one thirtieth of the necessary numbers. A pandemic requires 5% in several countries simultaneously.

Therefore, neither an epidemic nor a pandemic exist and the highly restrictive measures imposed upon the German (and other) peoples are illegal and are to be immediately repudiated.

Then we must look at how "infection" is being defined.

Is this the number of people actually ill, as required by the law? No, most, if not all of these "afflicted" people are completely healthy and remain so. How, then, is "infection" being determined?