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Real Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers

• by Brian Wang

Researchers asked an 19-year-old American participant to subtract six from eight while he was in a lucid dream, and he correctly signaled the answer "two" with two eye movements from left to right. When asked again, he repeated the correct answer.

The researchers would wake the participant from sleep after achieving successful two-way communication, in order to obtain a dream report.

I, Brian Wang, have personally experienced Lucid dreaming. This is where you recognize that you are dreaming while you are in a dream and then are able to take control of the dream. I was able to do this with about a 30 percent success rate for about one month while in undergraduate university. However, this ended when I had a bad nightmare. I attempted to re-enter and fix the nightmare with lucid dreaming but I was not successful after about eight attempts.

Below are three techniques to train and initiate a Lucid Dream.