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The Deep Rig:

• by Patrick Byrne

This started with the 6 installment you may have read on the website. Yet those installments were more or less first drafts. I cut them up, rearranged the flow to be more logical, then kept adding details, pieces of proof, backstories, and previously unknown but important details (e.g., what went on backroom with Pence) that appear nowhere else but are a part of history. In the end, it wound up being being 10 chapters.

Note that this is eBook only. You can download it immediately after clicking through and buying it, and read it on Kindle or your Apple app or whatever eBook reader you use. If you enjoyed the installments on this website (which were the equivalent of an 80 page novella), this is about a 120 page novel.

Why am I charging $4.99? I started off expecting simply to put it up online for free as a pdf. A friend convinced me otherwise that it will mean more to more people if it has a price, both domestically and around the world. I accepted his argument.