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Billion Euro Quantum Research Adds 15 Million Euro Large Scale Quantum Computing Project

•, Brian Wang

This will be a four-year 15 million euro projecte named QLSI (Quantum Large-Scale Integration with Silicon). It will be coordinated by CEA-Leti and will lay the foundation for the EU's industrial-scale implementation of semiconductor quantum processors and position Europe as a global leader in quantum computing. The project will focus on demonstrating that spin qubits are the leading platform for scaling to very large numbers of quantum bits, or qubits, the building blocks of quantum information processing.

QLSI will pursue four essential results:

* Fabrication and operation of 16-qubit quantum processors based on industry-compatible semiconductor technology
* Demonstration of high-fidelity (over 99 percent) single- and two-qubit gates, read-out and initialization with these devices in a lab environment
* Demonstration of a quantum computer prototype, with online open-access for the community, integrating such a high-quality quantum processor in a semi-industrial environment (up to eight qubits available online), and
* Documentation of the requirements to address important issue of scalability towards large systems over 1,000 qubits.