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Wearing 2 masks required to enter some federal courthouses in NY

• By Arun Kristian Das

In a public memo dated Feb. 11, 2021, Chief Judge Colleen McMahon says everyone coming into federal court buildings in the Southern District of New York will need to follow a series of pandemic protocols, including answering questions, getting their temperature checked, and wearing either two masks — a tight-fitting disposable mask under a cloth mask — or a well-fitting FDA-approved KN95 or N95 respirator-style mask.

And forget about wearing a gaiter, bandanna, or a mask with a valve or vent — those are all no-go. 

The federal courthouse policy memo states that anyone who either feels sick or recently had possible exposure to COVID-19 will be barred from entering court buildings. Anyone else who needs to come inside will undergo a screening. The policy further states: 

"You are required to wear either: (i) one disposable mask underneath a cloth mask with the edges of the inner mask pushed against your face; or (ii) a properly fitted, FDA-authorized KN95 (or N95) mask. Gaiters, bandannas, or masks with valves/vents are not acceptable face coverings. If you do not have the approved mask(s), a screener will provide one. No one will be admitted without the proper mask(s)."

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