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Personnel is policy. To what extent was Trump himself to blame when he found himself...


Personnel is Policy. To what extent is President Trump to blame for not bringing to Washington a strong cadre of bold, skilled, aggressively loyal supporters, instead allowing the Deep State Hive to constantly laugh behind his back as backstabbers from Chris Christie to Mitch McConnell told him the Senate would approve only appointees who would gleefully, well . . . stab him in the back, slow-walking and obstructing the very policies for which the American public elected him?

Let's assume for the moment adequate safeguards against massive election fraud (the kind with which the Dembolsheviks and their corporate allies stole the 2020 election from Trump despite six-figure majorities in almost every battleground state) can be restored.

(Time magazine admits corporate cabal stole the election and are now bragging about it; see:

. . . or see . . . : )

Given that necessary premise, what are the chances that Donald Trump will have recruited such a cadre of loyal appointees to cover his back the NEXT time?