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Life on the bachelor bus: Massachusetts man, 27, spends $24,000 transforming...


A man has converted an old 90s school bus into a swanky bachelor pad after losing his job and fiancé during the pandemic.

Craig Gordnier, 27, purchased the vehicle in May 2020 and completed all building works on the old bus in November. 

Before the pandemic hit, Craig, from Massachusetts, was working a 9 to 5 corporate job and planning his wedding, unaware of the massive changes to come in his life.

As lockdown went on, Craig ended up losing a business deal and eventually his job. To make matters worse, his relationship also ended.

The 27-year-old found himself back home on his parents' couch hunting for jobs that paid significantly less and in professions he didn't enjoy.

Determined not to let the setbacks get him down, Craig took matters into his own hands and decided to give his life a complete overhaul - taking to the road.

In May 2020, he purchased an old school bus for $16,000 in South Dakota and drove it for 28 hours back to Massachusetts to begin the building work.

'It dawned on me while I was back home on my parents' couch, getting my resume ready to apply for a job I didn't want, for way less money than I'm worth,' Craig said.

'Why enter the rat race? Why work a job I don't love, to make money I don't need for 39 years - just to retire, get an RV and go see the world when I am 65.