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Months after contracting COVID-19, some will try anything to regain their sense of smell

• by Brittny Mejia

The 32-year-old visited an oncologist and got a CT scan of her head. She saw an ear, nose and throat doctor. Took steroids. Went to a neurologist who put her on anti-anxiety medication.

She began sniffing essential oils every day. A homeopath prescribed bath flowers, supplements and chaga mushrooms.

And yet, nearly a year after recovering from the coronavirus, her senses of smell and taste are still scrambled. Onions and garlic evoke a nausea that has nothing to do with their actual scent. Coffee smells like a burned tire, but worse.

Because of the distorted smells, a condition known as parosmia, she has endured headaches, lost weight and repeatedly broken down in tears.

"It's like a mind game, because you remember all the smells and tastes, but then the second you put it in your mouth it's nothing like it used to be," the Los Angeles resident said. "It's like a completely different experience."