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INSURRECTION: BLM Mob Swarms D.C. Streets, Chants 'If We Don't Get It, Burn It Down'

•, by National File

Like most similar incidents involving Black lives Matter, the corporate media took zero interest in covering the march and accompanying threats of violence.
The gathering of Black Lives Matter and Antifa agitators was dubbed the "FTP March," a reference to "F**k The police."

The mob tramped through multiple streets, shining flashlights in the windows of residents and local businesses.

Unlike recent pro-Trump protests where multiple protesters were attacked and shot by law enforcement, D.C. police appeared to show little interest in controlling or halting the march.

A shocking report from OAN on how a legitimate win by Joe Biden couldn't have occurred in a million years.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa agitators were allowed to shout critical race theory propaganda at outdoor diner while bicycle-mounted police stood by and looked on in silence.