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Gov. Whitmer Seeks to Disbar Sidney Powell, Other Lawyers Who Investigated Voter Fraud


Joined by her secretary of state and attorney general, Whitmer filed bar grievances in Michigan and Texas against four lawyers, including Texas-based pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell, Michigan attorney Greg RohlScott Hagerstrom and Stefanie Junttila.

The suit claims the attorneys' arguments in King Vs. Whitmer, which sought to disqualify state electors in favor of certifying President Donald Trump the official winner, contributed to the Jan. 6 siege on the US Capitol.

According to the suit, Powell and the other attorneys "based on falsehoods, used their law license in an attempt to disenfranchise Michigan voters and undermine the faith of the public in the legitimacy of the recent presidential election, and lent credence to untruths that led to violence and unrest."