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The Terrifying Sundance Doc Exposing How Cameras Will Watch Your Every Move

• https://www.thedailybeast.com, Natalia Winkelman

At the climax of All Light, Everywhere, a provocative documentary about surveillance, a white businessman sits at the front of a Baltimore community meeting, presenting the entirely Black group with his plan for reducing the city's crime. The device he's proposing is a spy plane—a flying clump of cameras that would hover over urban areas taking second-by-second photographs to beam down to Earth in real time. The initiative, he insists, would be a deterrent for potential criminals: They'd know they were always being watched.

As the community members learn more about the program, the meeting turns to mayhem. "If you want to sell this program, turn the camera around. The community is not at all interested in being surveilled," a community pastor cries at one point. "Your perspective is different from mine," he adds. "What are you looking at?"