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'Red-List' Style Roundups Of Vaccine Refusers Another Draconian Measure Coming To America...

•, By Stefan Stanford

"No way do 300 million people want the vaccine. Get ready for mandates."

As that story reported, that 300 million total is enough for nearly the entire U.S. population, which has officially been estimated at 329 million, and therefore well over the 80% estimated to be the point at which there will be 'herd immunity'

So while Biden is hoping for 'mass compliance' from the masses, actually believing that purchasing that many shots will encourage people to 'go out and get theirs', with some states going so far that they are bringing in dentists, school students and retirees to 'administer' the vaccines due to not enough doctors to do so, the fact that only about 1/2 of all Americans even WANT to get the vaccine is extremely concerning, with that 50% far less than what the Biden administration is shooting for to accomplish 'herd immunity'.

And with Biden also using the US military to roll out these shots across America being another hint of where this might go in the months ahead if not enough people want to take what has quite literally been the 'kill shot' for some, what happens when 1/3 to 1/2 of the country or more refuses to get vaccinated when Biden has already purchased hundreds of millions of shots and their goal is to vaccinate at least 80% of us?