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Watch SpaceX's Starship SN9 fly!!! - TIME SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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SpaceX will be conducting a 10 km test flight of their SN9 prototype vehicle. This flight will be a repeat of the largely successful SN8 test flight, with some possible minor flight profile changes. SN9 will lift off from Boca Chica, Texas under the power of its three Raptor engines. The Raptor engines will shut off one by one during ascent to decrease loads and acceleration on the vehicle. At apogee, the single Raptor engine still burning will initiate the vertical-to-horizontal flip before shutting off. SN9 will make use of its body flaps to keep it stable during descent. Prior to landing, SN9 will ignite two of its Raptor engines to reorientate itself back into a vertical position and perform a propulsive landing. Need to know more information? Check out our Prelaunch Preview - #SpaceX? #Starship? #SN9