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Jo Becker of the New York Times Reaches Out

•, From: Jo Becker

 I have been told and am preparing to report that you gave the lawyer Sidney Powell $500,000 to investigate Dominion and the role it's voting machines may have played, allowing her to continue to pursue this line of inquiry. I wanted to give you a chance to comment further about the investigation before we go to press.

I can be reached at 917-XXX-XXXX. 


Jo Becker 


Dear Ms. Becker,

Thanks for reaching out.

First, the correct number is, "$0". I gave $0 to Sidney Powell or to I publicly endorsed DefendtheRepublic as the place to donate to fight back against election fraud, but I did not donate.  My work and Sidney's overlapped.

Just as you are first assertion is incorrect, you seriously misrepresent mine and Sidney's cooperation as being targeted "to investigate Dominion and the role it's voting machines may have played…." Our cooperation was to enable Sidney to handle the legal side of unraveling the question of election fraud in the 2020 election, wherever that led.

It is natural for you to ask, What are my thoughts on election fraud in the 2020 election? It so happens that I have recently made my thoughts on that subject public. Given that so far your letter is 0 for 2, may I respectfully suggest that, should you seek to characterize those thoughts in any way, you first read this essay (the first 2/3 of it seem particularly on point):
How DJT Lost the White House, Introduction: Why I Was Involved Before November 3 & What I Learned Because I Was (1.3)

Also, rather than characterize my thoughts on Donald Trump, please read this short piece from over a year ago: Reflections on Donald J. Trump.

Most respectfully,
Patrick M. Byrne