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Smallpox as next Bioterrorism Attacks? What Does Bill Gates Know?

• by Victoria Builder

The last naturally occurring smallpox infection was in 1977 and since then, no case of smallpox has been identified. But many countries have restored live cultures of the smallpox virus for making biological weapons or vaccines to protect lives from biological weapons. Many countries have held back live cultures of the virus which leaves the door open for a dangerous repeat outbreak of this infection. Accidentally or deliberately, the infection can resurface at nearly any time.

Let's Connect Some Dots:

Over the years of Bill Gates's involvement in the vaccine industry, you will find he has ominously said this over and over regarding the resurgence of smallpox. This article is not meant to promote fear, but it is important to pay attention to what this man seems to be warning us about. With awareness, and also taking care of our immune system and our health, we can prepare for potential scenarios.

In 2017, Microsoft founder Bill Gates raised the alarm over a growing threat from bioterrorism, warning that it could cause tens of millions of deaths. These are all quotes from Gates: