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Pedo Joe Reverses Bathroom Policy – Unlawfully Demands Little Girls Share Bathrooms With Boys

• DC Clothesline

The fact of the matter is that according to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, the federal government has no authority to be involved in education nor directing any policies regarding bathrooms, either public or private.  Yet the child sniffer-in-chief believes he has such authority to demand parents get out of the way and let little boys and girls go into the same bathroom at the same time.

The New American reports:

Joe Biden has promised to undo executive actions from President Trump that were intended to stop the use of school bathrooms by students of the opposite sex.

Early in its tenure, the Trump administration revoked an Obama-era federal rule that extended Title IX protections to transgender students, allowing them to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their preference rather than the ones that correspond to their actual sex. Without these Title IX protections, it has been up to the states to make rules on transgender use of facilities, as it should be.