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The Joe Biden Sleepwalking of America Into a More Socialist State Has Already Begun

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The senile bastard is very dangerous just because he looks so harmless but he has very dangerous lefty advisers (controls) all around him.

 Biden needs to be challenged on every issue, every time. There is nothing good that is going to come out of a Biden administration. 

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is making a big mistake showing up at the Biden inauguration.

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Comment by Andy Lamdin
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Of the six videos posted to the White House YouTube channel, the down votes outnumber the up votes about 6.5 to 1. Four videos have comments turned off. Here's somethin', I took a screen capture about 90 minutes ago of the inauguration video and the view count was 370k, with 21 thousand down votes to almost 4 thousand up votes -- wow! I was just there 5 minutes ago and the view count is 100k (100,850 to be exact) with 2 thousand up votes to 19 thousand down votes. That's a nine to one disapproval. Absent comments, some of the down votes may be people's disappointment for their being no crowd -- that's a bit of a stretch. Among many things, the plandemic served for tons more mail-in ballots, AND, no crowd for the Biden inauguration.

Comment by Andy Lamdin
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I'm with George Carlin (RIP) on this one. I'll sit back and watch the circus when I want to relax from working on solutions. From the perspective that Trump won by a landslide, Biden could hardly get any supporters to show up when he actually tried to rally a campaign; most of the legitimate votes Biden got were anti-trump votes. The White House YouTube channel for yesterday's inauguration has five times more down votes than up votes, 21 thousand to 39 hundred, the last I checked. I predict the dinosaur media will put forth the narrative that the continued non-support for Biden is a well organized group of people that want to destroy America. Reality check, it is, and will continue to be a growing disILLUSION with government. We're gaining ground.