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• by Dave Hodges

I have been writing about Red Dawn and the Chinese for 15 years. Steve Quayle has been identifying these dangers for much longer. We have been branded nuts by many for these claims. For those in the know, Steve and myself are no longer being chastised for identifying, what is now, the imminent Chinese threat of invasion. 

People have said to me that they thought my biggest vulnerability as an analyst was tied to the Chinese threat that was centered south of border. However, there is a growing awareness that we are about to be invaded by CHICOM forces.  Here is a letter of apology I received about a month ago. 

Dear Dave,

For several years, I though you were nuts with regard to your Red Dawn invasion of America led by Chinese forces. However, in recent months, I have seen this plot unfold and now we have it north of our border too. I apologize for the negative messages I used to send you. Thank you for sticking to your guns. We are in trouble and all of use should have been paying attention to you and Steve Quayle all along.


Richard Fromme