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DNI Ratcliffe: China contributed substantially to theft of 2020 election-


DNI Ratcliffe – China worked to influence 2020 election; our "intelligence community" works to cover it up:

(Natural News) It should be patently obvious by now that the swamp creatures that inhabit the deep state and the bowels of government not only want to punish Donald Trump for daring to win an election and keep his promise to clear them out, they want to ruin him, his family and his businesses for good.

That's what the second impeachment is about. It's what trying to convict him as he is set to walk out of the White House is about (so he can't ever run for a second term). That's what deplatforming him from all social media (despite taking losses of billions of dollars in valuation) is about. It's what ending long-standing business relations is about.