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Politics Won't Fix The American Decline

• by Zachary Yost

By now everyone is very familiar with the assaults on liberty stemming from measures ostensibly in the name of stopping the spread of covid and the way in which such measures have threatened the very existence of the social order. Beyond such obscene and unprecedented measures, 2020 also demonstrated that the leaders of our society are truly incompetent and bungling. The ineptitude is truly staggering, even for skeptics of the state. When surveying the wreckage of last year one can't help but feel a sense of dread and apprehension for the long-term health of our civilization.

It is not only the state and its myriad of pathetic politicians and power-mad bureaucrats who are cause for concern. Culturally, the woke madness has been spreading like a malignant cancer throughout the body politic.

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Yes. God will CRUSH America. Try to do as this article suggests, or try to be anything like creative (like myself) and they will Cancel you quicker than you can blink. As soon as Xi Xitrump declared his upside down idiocy, I knew what was up and called him on it. Not since March have I had a friend or family member enter my mortgage-free home. Medical reasons can't drive. Will not pledge allegiance to get passport. To WHERE? Commy world.... Too old, anyway Thank God

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God might be so disgusted with all the abortions and other crimes, perpetrated especially by the people who govern the USA, that He won't let anything fix America. Might even be time to move out while you still have life in you to do it.