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Things Are Hard Right Now, But You're Going to Be Okay

• Organic Prepper - Daisy Luther

If the messages in my inbox are anything to go by, a lot of people are dealing with ever-increasing anxiety about what lies ahead.

We've been in various stages of lockdown for almost a year now. Many of us have been separated from our loved ones for that long or longer. Many of the jobs that once seemed so secure are gone forever. We're watching as our rights to free speech and the freedom to gather are eroding right before our eyes, like a California cliff crumbling into the ocean below. Mental health crises abound as people become more and more isolated from one another.

Financial security seems to be a thing of the past for many people. We've had to change our lifestyles to follow mandates and to manage our ever-tightening budgets. The supply chain is broken, possibly beyond redemption any time soon. Half the country believes that the election was illegitimate and faith in our government is at an all-time low, as they send tax dollars that we paid in by the billions to other countries, doling out only $600 apiece to Americans. We're facing mandated medical treatments and a new administration.

It's a stressful time to be alive. You may be wondering, "How on earth am I going to keep going if things continue to get worse?"

You may be feeling hopeless right now.

But I want you to know that I believe, eventually, things will be okay.

When all the news is bad news

It's difficult to be living all the things I've described above and think about optimism. It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel that seems like some kind of optical illusion that just keeps getting longer.

As someone who spends most of her day buried in the news, I completely understand this feeling of overwhelming doom. It would be impossible not to feel bothered while reading venomous comments between those loyal to partisan politics or watching rioting, destruction, and rage on the news. This is something I've written about previously: