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Roland Showcases the Aerophone Pro Digital Wind Instrument at CES 2021


For the aspiring musician, one of the most tricky aspects of learning an instrument is finding a place to practice. Guitarists have previously found solace by plugging headphones into their amps and pedals. However, wind instrument players have not been so fortunate.

At the virtual CES 2021 event, noted manufacturer Roland showcased the continuation of its digital wind instrument range with the Aerophone Pro.

Wind instruments, like trumpets, trombones, clarinets, and saxophones, are traditionally quite loud. This can be a source of friction when learning to play or even just when practicing. There are some manual ways to mute them, like adding a cloth into a saxophone's body tube, but these still have limited success.

Roland's Aerophone Pro makes this a concern of the past while also bringing woodwind and brass instruments into the digital age. The slim device initially looks like a tech-based combination of a clarinet and saxophone. A strap allows you to hang the Aerophone Pro around your neck.

The instrument hangs downwards, with a mouthpiece at the top. Despite being a digital product, equipped with Roland's synthesizer tech, you still blow into the mouthpiece to play the Aerophone Pro. The keys are arranged in the same way as an acoustic saxophone, although you can adjust these to suit your playing style.