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New videos capture fatal shooting of Ashli Babbitt during Capitol siege

• New York Post

These disturbing videos capture the moment US Air Force veteran and President Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot during Wednesday's riot inside the US Capitol building.

Babbitt, 35, was among several supporters of the president who overpowered police and breached the US Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the certification of the 2020 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden.

The 45-second clip posted to Twitter opens with several rioters attempting to break down a door in the halls of the Capitol, barricaded against the invaders with furniture.

Through the door's shattered windows, a single lawman can be seen, his service weapon raised and trained on the horde outside.

"Bust it down!" one man yelled from the crowd.


Who was Ashli Babbitt, woman shot inside Capitol building?

About nine seconds in, the cop stepped forward and fired a single shot, striking Babbitt, who, another video clearly shows, was attempting to climb through the door's blown-out window pane.

Babbitt fell backward, landing motionless on the Capitol floor as her fellow rioters screamed and backed away from the window.

A squad of law-enforcement officers, clad in riot-gear and toting long guns, came up a flight of stairs behind the chaos and ordered the rioters to back up.