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What Really Happened at the Capitol Yesterday

• Mark Dice -

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Comment by Andy Lamdin
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A person can ignore reality but they cannot escape the consequences of ignoring reality. There weren't nearly as many Biden supporters as there were Trump haters that voted. You'll see few people coming out to listen to Biden. Large number of people will turn their backs to politics. And the dinosaur media will see its audience plummet. Which ultimately may be what the pols want, to be left alone to continue their criminality. That leaves old school online social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram etc) to carry on censoring to control the narratives to come. They need to totally trash Trump so he can't return for the 2024 election. We're the problem, AND, we're the solution! That's a good thing. Nothing so good as being the solution to your own problem. Government is a symptom of people seeking external authority. Reality is, you have a choice over your life, and that makes you the authority. Side note: will this be the end of The Trump Report?