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In first, Jewish population in Israel drops below 74%


For the first time since the founding of the State of Israel, the country's Jewish population dropped below 74%, according to the Israeli Immigration Policy Center (IPC), which cited data from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The number of Jewish immigrants also hit a record low this year, with 33.8% of the total number of new immigrants, according to the IPC.

The Central Bureau of Statistics classified Israelis in one of three ways: Jewish, Arab and Other. The Other category includes non-Arab Christians and those who do not have a religion classification with the Resident Registration.

The Jewish population in Israel decreased from 74.1% in 2019 to 73.9%, a drop of 0.2%. Half of the drop in the Jewish population proportion (0.1%) is due to the increase in Arab population and the other half is due to an increase in the population proportion of the Other category, according to the IPC.