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The Quiet Voices of Medical Professionals Are Telling Us that the Coronavirus Is Dangerous

•, By Dave Hodges

Our nightly TV experience is inundated with Big Pharma ads that all contain black box warnings. There is one exception to this rule and it is the present set of vaccines designed to mitigate the effects and spread of coronavirus. This must be some vaccine because it contains no warnings, no contraindications. One size fits all and everybody will soon be required to roll up your sleeves. However, I will not be taking the vaccine because as Steve Quayle says "shot in the arm, shot in the head, it does not matter because you are still dead." 

Developed at warp speed, these vaccines give us much to be concerned about as indicated by the two following emails I have recently received. Also, you may wish to check out my TV show in the few days, as I have unveiled a 3 part series as to what is actually in the vaccine at

Here are the two very telling emails:

Dear Dave,

I have followed your work for years and what you have been stating to the general public is absolutely correct. In some areas of this email, I need to be purposely vague  so I can avoid direct detection as the author of this email. All of my medical colleagues will attest, we are playing in a rigged game. In my present position, I see many deaths in a short time span. Attending physicians would write case notes and we would invariably note the suspected cause of death. When Covid struck, our physicians were told to not list a cause of death. All of us completely understand this was purposely done to artificially inflate the cause of death attributable to Covid in order to receive federal compensation for each diagnosis and subsequent death. I have personally witnessed people who have died from gun shot wounds and kidney failure diagnosed as Covid.