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Eight 'Screaming Red Flags' From The 2020 Election That Deserved Criminal Inquiry

•, by Sharyl Attkisson

For that reason, the widespread claims of election irregularities and fraud should have been taken more seriously by government officials and law enforcement, and promptly and aggressively investigated. Today, there are hundreds of witnesses, declarations, sworn statements, and videos that continue to raise questions about the integrity of the results.

It's untrue that most of the claims have been dispelled by courts. By and large, there's been no opportunity for witnesses to testify or present evidence to a judge or jury. More importantly, perhaps, there's been no way to collect evidence of alleged fraud without the tools of a criminal inquiry, such as subpoenas, depositions, and the ability to compel forensic exams.

If legitimate and transparent investigations were to find the witnesses who claim fraud or irregularities are mistaken or not telling the truth, the inquiries would serve the crucial purpose of assuring the public that the claims were thoroughly investigated but found to be unsupportable or false.

The following are eight examples of screaming red flags that begged for a prompt, thorough criminal inquiry.

1. Ballots Allegedly Trucked Across State Lines

The FBI has a role in determining whether an interstate crime occurred, and who is responsible, if hundreds of thousands of ballots were trucked from New York to Pennsylvania, as a firsthand witness states.

It should be simple for law enforcement to get to the bottom of it by finding out who hired the truck and moved the cargo, or showing that the story is made up or a misunderstanding.