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Cortes: If Biden were sure of his "victory", he'd welcome transparency

• Natural News

If Joe Biden manages to get sworn-in as president on January 20, 2021, he will enter office as the most doubted new president in American history.4

(Natural News) (Article by Steve Cortes republished from

According to Monmouth University polling, fully 77 percent of President Trump's 75 million voters believe that Joe Biden's alleged victory resulted from electoral fraud. Given this widespread suspicion among tens of millions of Americans, it is little wonder that a scant 3 percent of Trump voters believe the president should concede to Biden, per CNBC's survey.




In addition to these grave doubts about election integrity, legions of Americans just now learn for the first time about the sordid details of the Biden-Chinese Communist Party payoff scandal, in which millions of dollars of dirty money from affiliates of the tyrannical Beijing regime flowed directly to the Biden family and close associates.

Powerful groups like former CIA chiefs, corporate media mavens, and Silicon Valley oligarchs largely succeeded, pre-election, in smearing, ignoring, and suppressing this explosive news story. But now, awareness grows, as does the concomitant apprehension

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