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Moderna's FDA Report Lists 13 Deaths in Vaccine Trials But Company Says Deaths Not Related...

•, Spiro Skouras

According to an FDA document, 13 people died during the Moderna clinical trials, six from the vaccine group and seven from the placebo group. Moderna determined that the deaths were not related to taking the vaccine, but no explanation as to how they arrived at this conclusion. Spiro Skouros, referring to a report from Dr. James Lyons-Weller, who analyzed the FDA document, said that some of the vaccine trial volunteers were diagnosed with Covid-19 after the first dose, so they were dismissed from the trial and not counted, because it would have reduced the claimed 94.5% efficacy rate. The drug companies need a high efficacy rate, because the survival rate without vaccine is higher than 99% for people under 70 years of age. The CEO of Pfizer says he has no idea whether his vaccine can prevent transmission of Covid-19. He admitted that he has not taken the vaccine, using the excuse that he didn't want to cut in line. Over half the New York Fire Department is rejecting the vaccines, and 40% of the staff at a Chicago hospital also are refusing.

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