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IPFS News Link • Voting: Vote Fraud

Raids, probes of massive election fraud continue


How long can an arrogant minority with insane and vastly unpopular policies suppress a free, armed people?

How do you suppress a majority that's now spent four years and more watching the Deep State playing keep-away, sternly proclaiming "We'll hold hearings, we'll get to the bottom of this and heads will roll!" a song-and-dance that waits for the next shiny object to distract the crowd and then peters out to nothing, always protecting its own from paying any price for their treason?

Donald Trump exposed them, and their propagandists in the press. Should he have fired a hundred Deep Staters at DOJ, FBI, CIA? A thousand of them? Ten thousand? Probably. But — despite being harassed and hounded on totally bogus pretexts every day from even before he took office — President Trump concentrated his energies on positive accomplishments: better trade deals, restoring the energy industry, cutting taxes and regulations, PROSPERITY. He assumed the public would respond with an outpouring of support. We did.