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Resistance Training Wheels


Leo Taylor emails:

Thank you for inspiring me to go mask-free here in the Peoples Republic of Austin, Texas.  It has indeed been "training wheels" for the resistance needed in the future. Besides striking a tiny little note for liberty, it has been a great personal growth/self improvement exercise

And he follows up with this report: 

Adventures in Going Mask-less

By Leo Taylor

           "Disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God"  -- Thomas Jefferson

In spite of hating the feeling of wearing a mask I dutifully "did my part" in the early stages of this pandemic.  But as has become clear, the overwhelming weight of research says that masks are ineffective, see here and here. Even to the CDC's and WHO's own scientists.   Does re-breathing a percentage of your respiratory waste ever sound like a good idea, in the absence of good evidence?