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Can We Win Back the Culture or Are We Heading for Secession?


CALLER: What you have done for this country is just absolutely unprecedented. We are truth seekers. We've been hearing you, learning from you, and watching all of this. We know it's a globalist, communist, technocrat, Democrat takeover. It's treason. And they've been able to take us over by marketing, distracting, entertaining, and a huge propaganda machine. The extent of their evil is really unimaginable. I believe this is a "plandemic," and I'm afraid it's too late.

But I think it's time we mobilize. It's past time. We have sought the truth, and we know it's clear what's going on. We need a way, though. And my idea for that is to fight the lies and to take action, is to look at the Democrats, how they handled all this, how this all came about. They implemented community organizers, think tanks, special interest groups.

I think we have to get creative and united and, like the prior caller said, yeah, news organizations, media, you know, putting our energy and money towards that. But we have to get our brilliant, resourceful, truth seeking, freedom loving heads and hearts together and fight like our future depends on it. I'd love it if you could help us unite somehow so that we patriots can just rise up and fight this evil. Thank you so much. God bless you.

RUSH: Well, thank you, Jamie. What do you envision me doing?