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Portland Police Attacked In Broad Daylight After Antifa Erects New 'Autonomous Zone'

•, by Tyler Durden

 "There will be no autonomous zone in Portland."

But it yet again appears too late as according to the Associated Press:

A group of activists for months have camped at the home dubbed "Red House on Mississippi" because it is on North Mississippi Avenue — to express their outrage against gentrification and the eviction of the Black and Indigenous family in September.

This is the area now being dubbed by the far Left activists as the newest 'autonomous zone' after prior short-lived similar attempts. It also comes after last summer's headline-grabbing chaos centered on Seattle's so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest, or CHOP, which police didn't take back till weeks later.

On Tuesday evening Mayor Wheeler vowed to remove both protesters and squatters on North Mississippi Avenue Tuesday by "all legal means" possible.

But judging by the videos coming out, it appears the police are being beaten back.

Here's more dramatic footage of the police in retreat from in front of the home:

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