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Trumps two year Sting for foreign interference? Executive Order 13848 may trigger by Dec 18


Watch this space: There's a possible Sting Op of a major scale

If it pans out, we will need industrial scale popcorn. It is just speculation, but what a blockbuster tale.

Back in September 2018, President Trump made an executive order which was interpreted then in "the Russian collusion" threat, because that was what was on the minds of the commentariat at the time.  But it may turn out to be a historic trap sprung against foreign actors and their domestic collaborators. It arms Trump with a process to investigate foreign interference in elections. Given the scale of fraud, in the US of A today, it's not unthinkable that The Great Reset will instead become the The Great Cleansing of the Deep State. That's if the servers and voting machines still have evidence of foreign interference in the US election. But watch for signs that EO 13848 is live — because it may send people to jail.