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A Georgia Dominion voting machine has been obtained, shows clear evidence of flipping....

•, Lance D Johnson

A sworn affidavit was filed with Georgia's Secretary of State. The affidavit testifies that the Dominion Voting machines switched votes from Trump to Biden in Ware County, Georgia. The affidavit was signed by Garland Favorito, a career IT professional who has been a leading advocate for election integrity in Georgia over the past twenty years. Favorito supported neither candidate in the election, but quickly observed irregularities while reviewing the vote updates in Georgia.

Favorito has allegedly obtained a Dominion voting machine and proven that it switched .26% of the vote (37 votes) from Trump to Biden in Ware County. When extrapolated to the entire state, this equals at least 14,000 votes — more than enough to steal the election. Now that Dominion voting machines have been caught flipping votes to Biden in Georgia, the military must be called in to seize the machines and conduct a forensic audit of the software across all Georgia counties.