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China Pushing Things To "Boiling Point": Admin Says Pentagon Alarmed Over Taiwan

• by Tyler Durden

As Chinese military activity around Taiwan continues to ramp up, a senior administration official tells me, "We are watching very closely and would be ready for anything including a grave miscalculation by the PRC. We're definitely watching them."

He added at a moment Trump continues to chip away at Beijing through a series of unprecedented 'blacklisting' measures, as well as new visa restrictions against Communist Party members and their families (which includes tens of millions of Chinese citizens total) that American defense officials think geopolitical flashpoints involving Chinese 'aggression' are about to boil over.

"Sooner or later they're willing to push things to a boiling point over Taiwan as they did in Hong Kong and on border with India," the official is cited further as saying to CNN's Sciutto. "It's coming."

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is reportedly proceeding with plans to establish (or in a sense resurrect) a new 1st Fleet for the US Navy to better monitor the expansive Indian Ocean region and ultimately deter China.