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Lab-grown chicken on the menu in Singapore after world-first approval

• New Atlas - Nick Lavars

hile there are a number of startups developing fake meat products that use plants as their starting point, such as the beef and pork offered by Impossible Foods, others, including KFC and Aleph Farms, are working on solutions made from real animal cells.

These are currently expensive but may be a more palatable option for meat enthusiasts, as scientists, environmentalists and food technology companies work to offer more sustainable ways to feed the population. Conventional meat production calls for massive amounts of land and energy, and generates huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, so the race is on to find a greener way forward.

Eat Just's solution is to harvest a small amount of cells from living animals, and then feed those cells the same nutrients the living animals would receive so that they grow and multiply. This takes place inside a bioreactor and, eventually, these cells develop into edible portions of cultured meat.