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There is Hope After All! Congresswoman-elect Declares 'Taxation is Theft'

• Free Thought Project

With Congressman Justin Amash announcing that he will not seek re-election in July, those who advocate for limited government and individual liberty were dealt a blow to their thoughts for the future. Without radical pro-peace and anti-statist representatives inside Congress, there is no one to oppose endless wars and massive debt spending. While the outlook was bleak, those who hold dear personal liberty and freedom were given a little optimism recently from Colorado's newest Congresswoman from the 3rd district, Lauren Boebert — who took to Twitter to declare that "Taxation is Theft."

Earlier this year, Boebert took out the 5 term Congressman Scott Tipton in the Republican primary and went on to win a seat in Congress on November 3. She owns a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado called Shooters Grill in which the waitresses and waiters open carry their pistols while at work. You won't see any mass shootings taking place in there.

But most notably, Boebert took to Twitter last week to declare that "In the end, taxation is theft."