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Bill Gross' Neighbor "Forced To Flee" Mansion During Coordinated Harassment Campaign

•, Tyler Durden

In previous testimony, we've heard that Gross retaliated against his neighbor by turning the house's sound-system up full-blast playing the theme song to "Gilligan's Island" on repeat at volumes that one Laguna Beach compliance officer described as being even louder than the Pacific Coast Highway and the Ocean.

But in the latest testimony, Towfiq shared how Gross threatened him, claiming he would take drastic measures to punish the Towfiq's if they proceeded to lodge a complaint with the town about Gross's lawn sculpture. Towfiq told the court that Gross's threat "filled me with dread", yet he persisted, according to Bloomberg.

So Gross made him face the music, so to speak.

When Towfiq texted Gross's girlfriend - whom Gross and his legal team have claimed is the object of a "prurient obsession" on the part of Mr. Towfiq - Gross apparently took his girlfriend's phone and texted back the following: "peace on all fronts or well just have nightly concerts big boy."