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Thinking About Emergency Libertarian Strategy

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From bizarre lockdowns, curfews and mask-wearing orders for a virus that is not a serious threat to 99% of the population, to social justice warriors swarming to introduce as much socialism and censorship in a Joe Biden presidency as possible, to a Federal Reserve money printing operation far out of control, the country is on the brink of serious economic and social deterioration plus escalating authoritarianism.

These are not the kinds of developments that are down the road, they are here and now. For all practical purposes, we are already in early-stage socialism

We are outmanned, mainstream media is socialist-leaning, as are college students, and the business and political elite. Libertarians need to use every tool at their disposal to impede the socialist advance. At best, we have 5 to 10 years.

I consider politicians as potential tools. There is not a Ron Paul among the current group but some are good on individual issues and we should support and help them, not fully, but when they are advancing a liberty cause.

In a recent post at EPJ, I Became a Congresswoman to Stop Socialism in America, I highlighted some of the libertarian-leaning views of incoming Congresswoman Victoria Spartz.