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Giuliana's Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence


An algorithm is a step-by-step set of instructions to accomplish a particular task.  Computers use algorithms, in the form of programs.  The claim of the legal team is that the voting machines and software contained an algorithm to switch 2%-3% of the vote from Trump to Biden, and to spread it out around the country so as to go undetected.  But the election thieves were unprepared for a Trump landslide, and it became apparent that switching 2%-3% of the vote wasn't going to cut it.  The software warned whoever was monitoring it (those stealing the election) that the goal of election theft was in jeopardy, and that the algorithm was going to fail.  It was then that the entire system was taken offline.  This is when the votes stopped being counted in the dead of night in all the swing states the Democrats are trying to steal.  Biden was way behind, and the vote deficit was going to have to be made up. It was made up with the use of fraudulent mail-in ballots.

Giuliana's Legal Team Presents Overview of Election Fraud Evidence

Paul Craig Roberts

Dear Readers,

I was stunned that even some of my readers kept asking why Trump hadn't presented the evidence to back up his claim of election fraud.  I have to keep reminding myself of how poor the education system and the media are in the US and how insouciant Americans tend to be.

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