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SAID IN SPANISH: Mexico's AMLO Still Hasn't Congratulated Biden...

•, Allan Wall

But absent from the honking gaggle of global geese: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Indeed, as of this writing, despite chances at three news conferences, AMLO still has yet to congratulate Biden. He continues to speak well of President Trump and says he won't recognize a president-elect until it's official. In other words, AMLO has more respect for the American electoral process than many Americans, not least Treason-Lobby Democrats, NeverTrump Republicans, and the worthies of the MSM. It's the latest twist in Trump's surprising (to some) rapprochement with Mexico.

Among those who think/ hope Trump will depart the White House on January 20

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Fidel Castro's reputed son;

His British counterpart Boris Johnson, now known as BoJo;

Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin, nemesis of cigarette smoking;

French President Emmanuel Macron, who married his high-school teacher; and

German President Angela Merkel, formerly an East German communist.