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Market Friday: Biden, Bitcoin and the Right to Privacy Coins

• by Tom Luongo

Where oh where is capital flowing to and why?

Because if you answer that question you'll get an idea of where things are truly headed.

And the big news of this week isn't the 1500 point gap up on Monday's open on the Dow Jones Industrials because Pfizer was given free air time to feed the algorithms.

That is especially true with the lack of sustained follow through all week, leaving a massive gap to be filled regardless of day's bullish open.

That isn't to say the Dow Jones isn't in a bullish position. It is. But it is for far different reasons than, "Yay! COVID is over." COVID's not over, folks.

They are only getting started with the next round of fear mongering and intimidation to lock the country down again. You know, Dark Winter, and all that.