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Maine Businesses Brace for New $18 Minimum Wage

• by Jon Miltimore

Portland House of Pizza has been around for 30 years. Restaurant manager Craig Allare hopes it will be around another 30 years. 

But now he's left trying to figure out how to keep that dream alive after the passage of a minimum wage hike that has many businesses in Portland, Maine worried.

"It's going to hurt everyone. It's not like we have money trees out in the back parking lot. You have to make money to pay money," Allare told a local news outlet. "Some places will go out of business."  

While Florida, which on Tuesday passed a $15 an hour minimum wage referendum, was the only state to have the minimum wage on the ballot in 2020, some localities also voted on the issue. 

One of those cities was Portland, the largest city in Maine. The referendum sought to increase the minimum wage from $12 an hour to $15 by 2024. The measure also mandated that workers receive time and a half during a civil emergency (like, say, a pandemic).