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Jeff Bezos No Longer Interested In Buying CNN As AT&T Reportedly Looks To Dump Network

•, Tyler Durden

Late last month, there were reports that AT&T was quietly shopping around for a buyer for CNN - the sensationalist, left-leaning "news" network which came with the furniture during its merger with Time Warner - and had stumbled on Jeff Bezos as a potentially interested party.

Now, Charlie Gasparino, the Fox Business reporter who broke the original story about AT&T considering Bezos as a potential buyer, has just minutes ago reported that while "the talk" inside the company is that AT&T is definitely looking to sell CNN to help pay down the debt from the Time Warner deal, there are some doubts about whether a buyer with deep enough pockets could be found - since Bezos is apparently uninterested (at least, for now).

Gasparino also reported that some have doubts about whether the network can even be separated from the rest of Time Warner.