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Hammer and Scorecard

•, by globalintelhub

e know the why, we understand the motives of the left.  Here we're going to dig into the hows.  My background is primarily a computer scientist, and systems engineer.  As we explain in our book, the world is not as it seems.

Former NSA Senior Analyst Kirk Wiebe claims that the system being used here is called "Hammer and Scorecard" - and that the system is so intelligent, it can actually change the false number of votes in real time based on reporting of data on the internet.  Reality is to 90% of the unwashed and unenlightened masses what they see on TV.  This is done for a number of reasons but primarily to make the count 'very close' but always making the client candidate win.  

It was widely reported first here on Zero Hedge that a software "Glitch" "accidentally" gave thousands of votes to Biden which were meant for Trump, pushing Biden over the edge and giving him a win in the state.